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Steel Tech is dedicated to provide quality walls panels for any Load Bearing walls, Exterior curtain walls, Interior non-load bearing walls and also Exterior finished EIFS panels on your project.

The Steel Tech TEAM looks forward to partner with you on your next project. We are committed to help make your project a success by paying attention to detail and clearly communicate expectations. Building quality light gauge steel wall panels as per specifications and delivering them on time, within budget is a top priority! Contact us today to discover how we can add value to your project!


The Steel Tech Process For Your Next Construction Project

After we complete the panel engineering design process, the panel drawings are submitted to the General Contractor / Architect for approval. Upon receiving approval of those Engineered panel drawings, we then begin the panelization process in our quality controlled facility to help expedite your building project. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality light gauge steel wall panels that will be a lasting investment for your project.

The light weight material and precision measurements of our steel framing components make them easily suited for panelization in our facility. The panelization process enables us to meet pre-determined schedules set by the owner or General Contractor to help reduce potential liquidated damage issues for both parties.

By using this light gauge steel framing method on our wall panelization system, we are able to address the growing industry concern of a lack of qualified labor by reducing the need for skilled labor on your construction site. The ease of installation of our light gauge steel wall panels is a very safe & logistical process. It has also been gaining in popularity as an alternative solution to the traditional stick framing method used for many years. The light gauge steel panelization idea could be a great investment consideration for your next construction project.

Contact us today and discuss tomorrow's solution for your project!

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