Benefits of Light Gauge Steel Wall Panels

The use of prefabricated light gauge steel wall panels is a proven building solution with several benefits for owners, developers and general contractors, including:

  • A greatly increased speed of construction. This can lead to a better ROI by lowering monthly carrying costs and generate revenue much quicker.
  • A significant reduction of waste and a major improvement in site safety because the panels are fabricated off-site.
  • Fewer on-site man hours and shortened construction schedules means significant overall project savings.
  • Potential advantage is the avoidance of Prevailing Wage requirements due to the panels being built off-site.

The Steel Tech Process For Your Next Construction Project

The light weight material and precision measurements of our steel framing components make them easily suited for panelization in our facility. The panelization process enables us to meet pre-determined schedules set by the owner or General Contractor to help reduce potential liquidated damage issues for both parties.


We start the panel engineering design process with drawings of your construction project.


The engineered shop drawings, dimensional review drawings & panel drawings are submitted to the General Contractor / Architect / Engineer of Record for approval.


We begin the panel fabrication process in our quality-controlled facility by implementing a detailed coordination effort in sync with the onsite Superintendent using the approved engineered layout drawings to help expedite the building project.

We can supply the panels for your crews to install, or we can provide the installation.


Our goal is to do everything necessary to provide you with the highest quality light gauge steel panels so that your construction project can move quickly & efficiently.

Begin Your Project

The Steel Tech™ Advantage

The use of light gauge steel wall panels addresses the growing challenge of finding qualified skilled labor that is required onsite. For example, a crew of 5 or 6, using the panelization method, can often set an entire floor as quickly as a crew of 20+ framers using the traditional stick framing method.

The installation of our light gauge steel wall panels is a very safe & efficient process, and would be a great choice for your next construction project.

The Steel Tech Team looks forward to answering your questions and to partner with you. Contact us today to discover how we can add value to your next project!

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