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Why Steel Framing?

Superior Quality

Dimensionally Stable.

Steel is an inorganic material. It will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep, and maintains its dimensional stability. This stability means that the steel framing components and the finish materials that are attached to them have virtually no movement, gaps, or voids. This all but eliminates the possibility of air infiltration, and results in a tighter, more comfortable structure. Steel is also unaffected by temperature, and does not expand or contract with moisture content.

Consistently Higher Quality.

Your Steel Techâ„¢ Steel Framed Structure, is manufactured with high - strength, high - quality steel produced in strict accordance with national standards, with no regional variation. This strength results in a safer structure, with less maintenance and slower aging. The use of zinc coating protects your Steel Techâ„¢ framing from corrosion for the life of the structure. Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, which translates into less weight for the foundation to support and lowering the probability of foundation problems.


Non-Combustible Material.

Steel framing is fire resistant, and does not burn or contribute fuel to the spread of a fire. Tests conducted by leading industry associations conclude that the steel framing materials used in your Steel Tech™ Steel Framed Structure will not raise the temperature, flame or loose mass, and can be considered non - combustible. Steel Tech™ Steel Framing can even reduce your insurance premiums.


Pest Resistant

Termite, Insect & Rodent Resistant

Your Steel Tech™ Steel Framed Structure is impervious to termites, and other insects that attack most building materials Straight and true steel framing members eliminate the gaps and air spaces that allow insects a pathway into your structure.

Environmentally Friendly.

Steel framing is a green building material, and with growing environmental concerns, steel framing is making a positive impact on the future. Your Steel Tech™ Structure is made of recycled steel, and is 100% recyclable. Steel framing produces far less scrap and waste than other framing materials during the building process translating into less contribution to our landfills. The recycled steel from 8 scrap cars provides enough steel framing to build a 2,000 square foot home. Your decision to use Steel Tech™ Steel Framing is one that you can make with confidence, knowing you are helping to preserve our natural resources.

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